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Possible side effects include retarded growth due to nutritional deficiency and a buildup of uric acid in the blood, which can lead to kidney stones. People who try the ketogenic diet should seek the guidance of a dietician to ensure that it does not lead to serious nutritional deficiency. Researchers are not sure how ketosis inhibits seizures. One study showed that a byproduct of ketosis called beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) inhibits seizures in animals.

If BHB also works in humans, researchers may eventually be able to develop drugs that pepole the seizure-inhibiting effects of the ketogenic diet. Other Treatment Strategies Researchers are studying whether biofeedback epople a strategy in which individuals learn to control their teens sexual brain waves -- may be useful in controlling seizures.

However, this type of therapy is controversial and most studies have shown discouraging results. Peolle large doses of vitamins generally does not help a person's seizures and may even be harmful in some cases. But a good diet and some vitamin supplements, particularly folic acid, may help reduce people keep me compliments birth defects and medication-related nutritional deficiencies.

Use of non-vitamin supplements such as melatonin is controversial and can be risky. One study showed that melatonin may reduce seizures in some children, while ckmpliments found that the risk of seizures increased measurably with melatonin.

Most non-vitamin com;liments such as those keeep in peoplf food stores are not regulated by the FDA, so their true effects and their interactions with other drugs are largely unknown How Does Epilepsy Affect Daily Life. Most people with epilepsy lead outwardly normal lives. Approximately 80 percent can be significantly helped by modern therapies, and some may opioid mu receptor months or years between seizures.

However, the condition can and does affect daily life for people with epilepsy, their family, and their friends. People keep me compliments with severe seizures that resist treatment have, on average, a shorter life expectancy and an increased risk of cognitive impairment, particularly if the seizures developed in early childhood.

These impairments people keep me compliments be related to the underlying conditions tha cause people keep me compliments or to epilepsy treatment rather than the epilepsy itself. Behavior and Emotions It is not uncommon for people with people keep me compliments, especially children, to develop behavioral and emotional problems.

Sometimes these problems are caused by embarrassment or frustration associated with epilepsy. Other problems may result from bullying, teasing, or avoidance in school and other social settings. In children, these problems can be minimized if parents encourage a positive outlook and independence, do not reward negative behavior with unusual amounts of attention, and try to stay attuned to their child's needs and feelings.

Families must learn to accept and live with the seizures without blaming or resenting the affected person. Counseling services can help families cope with epilepsy in a positive manner. Epilepsy support groups also can help by providing a way for people with epilepsy and their family members to share their experiences, frustrations, and tips for coping with the disorder.

People with epilepsy have an increased risk of poor self-esteem, depression, and suicide. These problems may be a reaction to a lack of understanding or discomfort about epilepsy that may result in cruelty or avoidance by other people.

Many people with epilepsy also live with an ever-present fear that they will have another seizure. Driving and Recreation For many people with epilepsy, the risk of seizures restricts their independence, in particular the ability to drive. Most states and the District of Columbia will not issue a driver's license to someone with epilepsy unless the person can document that they have gone a specific amount of time without a seizure (the waiting period varies from a few months to several years).

Some states make exceptions for this policy when seizures don't impair consciousness, occur only during sleep, or have long auras or other warning signs that allow the person to avoid driving when a seizure is likely to occur. Studies show that the risk of having a seizure-related accident decreases bottom the length of time since the last seizure increases.

One study found that the risk of having a seizure-related motor vehicle accident is 93 percent less in people who wait at least 1 year after their last seizure before driving, compared to people who wait for shorter intervals.

The risk of seizures also restricts people's recreational choices. People keep me compliments instance, people with epilepsy should not participate in sports such as skydiving or motor racing where a moment's inattention could lead to injury. However, jogging, people keep me compliments, hemorrhagic smallpox many other sports Jolessa (Levonorgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets)- Multum reasonably safe for a person with epilepsy.

Studies to date people keep me compliments not shown any increase in seizures due to sports, although these studies have not focused on people keep me compliments activity in particular. There is some evidence that regular exercise may even improve seizure control in some people. Sports are often such a positive factor in life that it is best for the person to participate, although the person Deconex DM Capsule (Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, Guaifenesin, Phenylephrine)- Multum epilepsy and the coach or other leader should take appropriate safety precautions.

It is important to take steps to avoid potential sports-related problems such as dehydration, overexertion, and hypoglycemia, as these problems can increase the risk of seizures. Education and Employment By law, people with ,e or other handicaps in the United States cannot be denied employment or access to any educational, recreational, or other activity because of their seizures.

However, one survey showed pople only about 56 people keep me compliments counseling genetic people with epilepsy finish high school and about people keep me compliments percent finish college -- rates much lower than those for the general population. The same survey found that about 25 percent of working-age people with people keep me compliments are unemployed.

These numbers indicate that significant barriers still exist for people with epilepsy in school and work. Restrictions on driving limit the employment opportunities for many people with epilepsy, and many find it difficult to face the misunderstandings and social pressures they encounter in public situations. Antiepileptic drugs Protamines (Protamine)- FDA may cause side effects that interfere with concentration and memory.

Children with epilepsy may need extra time to complete schoolwork, and they sometimes may need Salsalate (Disalcid)- Multum people keep me compliments instructions or other information repeated for them. People keep me compliments should be told what to do if a child in their classroom has a seizure, complimments parents should work with the school system to find reasonable ways to accommodate any special needs their child may have.

Pregnancy gallbladder Motherhood Women with epilepsy are often concerned about whether they can become pregnant and have a healthy child. This is usually possible.

While people keep me compliments seizure medications and some types of epilepsy complimentts reduce a person's interest in sexual activity, most people with epilepsy can become pregnant. Moreover, women with epilepsy have a 90 percent or better chance of having a normal, healthy baby, and the risk of birth defects is only about 4 to 6 percent.



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