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Knowledge and application of immunotherapy has also revolutionized x treatment of cancer at the CSC level, including via monoclonal antibodies, checkpoint modulators, and CAR-T approaches (268). For example, targeting CSC markers is currently being attempted via CAR-T cells against CD133 (clinicaltrials. Nevertheless, with transdisciplinary approaches, we should have confidence that knowledge nordis, STS cancer stem cell biology will also progress and lead to improve patient outcomes.

This research was supported by a St. Baldrick's Summer Student 2017 Fellowship (to KG), Ministry of Health Ricerca Finalizzata PE-2013-02355271 and AIRC 15312 grants (to RR), and V Foundation, Hyundai Hope on Wheels, drainage bag Glenn and Stacy Schiffman Pediatric Cancer Research Fund grants (to CL).

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