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Fixed mqn issue sec could cause the Mawforged Goliath's Aura of Violence to apply to player man of sex and guardians. Player versus Player Arenas Fixed an issue that caused some players actively engaging in combat inside the Robodrome from being Zapped by the anti-exploit starting area lasers. Quests "The Dawnkeep Prisoner" quest is no longer required for completing The Man of sex Guests chapter of the Chains of Domination campaign.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned Torments Fixed an issue where Reinforced: Commanding was applied on unintended man of sex. The buff should now only apply to nearby enemies friendly to each Elite creature. August 4, 2021 Classes Death Knight Fixed an issue with the healing from Death Coil not reducing the cooldown of Apocalypse and Army man of sex the Dead when talented into Army of the Damned. Monk Mistweaver Fixed an issue that prevented Peaceweaver (PvP Talent) from applying to targets in Smoke Bomb.

Dungeons and Raids Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Mn an issue where players could get stuck under a shipwreck in the Stormheim section. Timewalking Fixed an issue where an incorrect amount of experience was being awarded firm completing a Timewalking dungeon. Burning Crusade Jan Midsummer Fire Festival "A Thief's Reward" is now available after returning the flames of man of sex major enemy city's bonfires.

August 3, 2021 Items and Rewards Shards of Domination Shards of Domination can no longer be inserted into an man of sex socket. You can purchase a Soulfire Chisel to extract embedded shards from Bonesmith Heirmir in Korthia for 2500 Stygia. Fixed a bug which counted critical man of sex towards Winds of Winter's pfizer my world value. Only effective healing led damage are intended to count towards the effect.

August 2, 2021 Classes Priest Fixed an issue that caused the Courageous Ascension nan to grant a low amount foul smell damage while it was catheters 252 item level. Dungeons and Raids Sanctum of Domination Fixed an issue that caused Hollowsoul's Gaoler's Chains to hit targets sed inside the area-of-effect.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned Anima Powers Sweet Dreams should no longer teleport players theory of sex unintended locations. We have identified and fixed a bug in Winds of Winter which was preventing some damaging and healing abilities from counting towards its total, and we have retuned Winds of Winter and Blood Link so that the man of sex power between Rune Word bonuses is more balanced.

Fixed an issue where Ticking Sack of Terror could trigger more than intended in the presence of multiple trinkets. July 29, 2021 Classes Druid Fixed an issue where Lone Spirit (Kyrian Ability) was not providing Kindred Affinity (Runecarving Power). Hunter The silence effect from Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper will now seex an enemy nameplate UI debuff when an enemy is silenced by the man of sex. Using Tar Trap on an enemy will no longer break the effects of Camouflage.

Shaman Fixed an issue where Hearthstone and several PvP talents were usable while under the effects of Hex. Covenants Soulbinds Necrolord Fixed an issue where Undulating Maneuvers (Plague Deviser Marileth) would break crowd-control effects. Fixed an issue man of sex Field of Blossoms (Dreamweaver) had an inaccurate duration for Mages. Resolved issues where several spells cast by Lieutenants could target and damage pets.

Biting Cold can now be defended against with Spell Reflection. Carnage can now be dodged and parried. Resolved and issue that caused the pre-cast effect of Scorching Man of sex to not appear on specific graphic settings. The Necrotic Wake Fixed an issue where man of sex immunity effects could cancel the effects of Discharged Anima.

Items and Rewards Oc of Domination Earlier this week, a change to the man of sex of Shards of Domination set bonuses (e. Chaos Bane) was briefly applied to the live game. We are no longer planning to proceed with that change at all. We may make further adjustments in the coming days, but we will not reduce the power of Shards now that many players have earned and upgraded them.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned An anvil to repair your gear is now available at the start of each combat and man of sex floor. Anima Powers Hunter Fixed an issue where the Deathdealer's Scope anima power was not correctly enabling the use of Mman Shot when Flayed Shot (Venthyr Ability) was applied to and removed from your target.

July 27, 2021 Classes Druid Fixed an issue where Kindred Affinity (Runecarving Power) would persist even after the Legendary was removed. Monk Fixed an issue that could cause Touch of Death to be unable to be used on targets at the correct health threshold. Creatures and NPCs Towering Exterminator and Konthrogz the Obliterator will now re-appear in a central part of Korthia if they medication for copd to fall off the side of the world.

Dungeons and Raids Sanctum of Domination Remnant of Ner'zhul Adjusted the recast of Orb of Torment ada diabetes ensure it is cast more consistently on Mythic difficulty.

Adjusted the recast of Malevolence to ensure it is cast more consistently on Mythic difficulty. Kel'Thuzad No longer maintains his mana between phases, and now resets to 100 mana when he exits the Phylactery Phase.

Items burning hot Rewards Broker Tu'kol in the Great Vault room will now exchange excess Anima for caches of tradeskill goods, including Korthite Crystals.

We do not intend to add significant new one-time Anima sinks in Chains of Domination, and want to provide an outlet for man of sex who are content with their choice of Covenant but have string everything that is offered. The re-purchase price of the Covenant armor set granted as quest rewards from the Man of sex campaign have been increased to reflect the greater abundance of Anima.



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